"Mike represented me on a difficult landslide case against a large state agency, which involved complex boundary disputes, property damage, and engineering issues. Mike was very responsive and did not back down from the government lawyers. My business partners and I received a very favorable settlement at minimal costs thanks to Mike’s help and professionalism. I would recommend Mike for any real estate or property damage case."
Gary D.
"After several attorneys turned down my injury case, I found Mike who was willing to take on my case even though it involved very complicated medical and employment-related issues. Mike was a good fighter and advocate, and after forcing my employer’s insurance carrier to trial, Mike was able to obtain a large six-figure settlement for me. Mike was very professional and attentive throughout my case. I was fortunate to have found Mike and highly recommend him."
Robert M.
"Mike was able to negotiate a very favorable settlement for me on a very contentious wrongful termination and discrimination case against a large employer in San Francisco. Mike was able to guide me through a very stressful process, and I am grateful for what Mike was able to do for me. Mike is a very good attorney and I highly recommend him."
Danielle J.
"Mike did a great job getting me a large recovery in my motor vehicle accident case, which involved a “hit and run” driver and caused me to undergo emergency surgery. Even though the case initially looked as if it were going nowhere, Mike was able to track down the driver’s insurance carrier and prove his fault in the accident. Mike was very professional and responsive throughout the process, and I appreciate all of Mike’s help in getting this difficult case resolved for me in an expeditious and very favorable manner."
Elizabeth H.
"Mike did a great job helping me with a difficult business dispute that I had with a former business partner. Mike secured a very favorable resolution for me at minimal costs and fees. Mike is a very knowledgeable and responsive attorney, and he gets a lot of respect from the opposing attorneys. I would recommend Mike for any business disputes."
Anthony N.
"Mike did an excelled job handling my wrongful termination and wage and hour case. After my former employer tried to force me to sign a very unfavorable severance agreement, Mike was able to secure a high six-figure settlement for me. Mike was very aggressive, yet professional, in the handling of my case. Mike is very good at what he does, and I would recommend Mike for any employment-related case."
Arturo F.